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Tracy has been a Professional Greeter for the past 15 years and knows the business and residential community very well. Currently she volunteers her time by holding a position on the Board of Managers for the Butler County YMCA and as the Vice Chair for the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  In 2016 she was awarded the Women Entrepreneur of the Year. She devotes her time between the volunteering, networking with the local businesses and giving time to the community that she loves.

Welcome Wagon for New Homeowners

New Homeowners

North Pittsburgh Greeting Company connects new residents with local businesses including community, medical and professional services in the North Pittsburgh suburban area.

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B2B Greeting Service

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North Pittsburgh Greeting Company, New Homeowner

I enjoyed meeting Tracy.  She is warm & welcoming; I truly enjoy the gift basket.

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Many people ask Why did I start North Pittsburgh Greeting Company? For years I struggled with a career in the medical field , I worked way too much and never really enjoyed my life in general. I was overworked, had a supervisor who consistency brought her home issues to work with her and took it out on the staff. I was tired of constantly being criticized and unappreciated.

Then I had the opportunity to open an in home pet sitting service, I truly enjoyed my time owning this business but still had very little time to myself and was so overworked that I could not enjoy the time in my life when I found my self-engaged to my husband and house hunting. I was too busy taking care of other people’s pets! Shortly after getting married I gave birth to my wonderful son Logan and was told my chances of having more children were slim to none…. I needed to make a change!

I wanted to be a hands-on mom to my one and only child and owning a thriving pet sitting business would not allow me to be the mom I wanted to be. So now what do I do?

With my entrepreneurial spirit I could not go back to working for someone else, so I came up with a list of what I do best:

✅ I love my community; I grew up in Cranberry Township, so I am extremely familiar with the area and its surrounding locations.

✅ I am a people person, I truly enjoyed getting to know new people.

✅ I wanted to have a flexible schedule so I could be an active mom to my son and be there for all the moments in his life that if I missed, I could never get back.

Then the light bulb went off!! Why not welcome all the new homeowners to the area that I call home and truly love…? That was the beginning of North Pittsburgh Greeting Company, the area’s premier welcome wagon service.

Fast forward 14 years….

✅ I have never had a day where if felt that I work, when you love what you do you never work.

✅ I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people and reconnecting with others that I have lost touch with.

✅ I have been involved with some of the greatest networking groups in the community and have meet new lifelong friends.

✅ I have had the privilege of serving on the board of directors of the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber one of the largest chambers in the state. I now currently serve as the chair-elect, this has helped me gain confidence in myself that I thought I would never have.

✅ I have control of my schedule; this has allowed me to volunteer in the community that I love and spend time with family and friends.

✅ And most importantly I am the mom to my son Logan that I always wanted to be. I served as the president of the Cranberry MOMs Club for two years when my son was a toddler. Never missed school parties and field trips, and always cheering my son from the sidelines while Logan pursues his love for football and baseball.

And that is my WHY!

So if you're looking to support small businesses right now, this is the time to become a sponsor in the North Pittsburgh Greeting Company welcoming bag. Reach out to me by June 20th to hear about our summer specials!
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We are the key to making the first impression.