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For Realtors

For Realtors

After the sale of a house is complete new homeowners often still need assistance settling in to their new home and neighborhood.   They often have many questions about the area’s shops and services.  If they have moved more than a few miles, they often see their realtor as a primary source for information. Every year 1 in 5 people will move and need to learn about the best

  • places to shop
  • restaurants to dine
  • home repair and decorating services
  • kid-related activities and services

While you may know quite a bit about the communities you serve as a realtor, have you every asked yourself “What is the best way to provide them with the inside scoop on the community they have chosen to live in?”   The answer is quite simple, a professional greeting service like North Pittsburgh Greeting Company.

North Pittsburgh Greeting Company is the areas premier Welcome service and strives to make a positive first impression of your business to all of the newcomers to the North Pittsburgh region.  North Pittsburgh Greeting Company provides a customized greeting service which provides new residents with a personalized, face-to-face meeting and a welcome bag full of coupons, gift certificates and information about local businesses. Our bag has over 50 business in it and provides a great way to help your clients get to know the community they have chosen to move to.

If you would like to more, contact us our greeting service.

We are the key to making the first impression.