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North Pittsburgh Greeting Company is your best introduction to new homeowners and businesses in the north Pittsburgh region.

People often say that we are the key to making the first impression.

Call us today: (724) 452-5948


Tracy has been a Professional Greeter for the past 15 years and knows the business and residential community very well. Currently she volunteers her time by holding a position on the Board of Managers for the Butler County YMCA and as the Vice Chair for the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  In 2016 she was awarded the Women Entrepreneur of the Year. She devotes her time between the volunteering, networking with the local businesses and giving time to the community that she loves.

Connect with Homeowners

North Pittsburgh Greeting Company connects new residents with local businesses including community, medical and professional services in the North Pittsburgh suburban area.

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Do you offer services a new business owner would need or would you like to attract these new decision makers?

We invite you to consider using our B2B Greeting Service.

For Realtors

North Pittsburgh Greeting Company’s greeting service is the best way to provide your clients with the inside scoop on the community they have chosen to live in.

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    We are the key to making the first impression.