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Welcome Data

Welcome Data

They say that information is power, we provide businesses the power of local data.

One of the most useful things North Pittsburgh Greetings can provide is information about who is moving into the area. Since 1-5 people move during the course of the year it is important for businesses to know who their potential clients are and how the business environment is changing.

All subscribers in my greeting bag receive of all the individuals who have recently moved into the local area. This will include their name, address, and phone number and/or email if available. This information is not sold or shared with larger marketing companies, so it is proprietary data. In addition, Norht Pittsburgh Greeting Company can, for a fee, provide aggregate, anonomized data (i.e no names and contact information) to business who wish to better understand how the population in the area may be changing.

2018: Homeowners welcomed: 810

  • Children 54%
  • Pets 51%
  • Townhomes 26%
  • New construction 34%
  • Age 65 and over 16%
  • Age 30 and below 22%

2017: Homeowners welcomed: 808

  • Children 53%
  • Pets 50%
  • Townhomes 26%
  • New construction 32%
  • Age 65 and over 18%
  • Age 30 and below 24%

2016: Homeowners welcomed: 804

  • Children: 51%
  • Pets: 49%
  • Townhomes: 24%
  • New construction: 28%
  • Age 65 and over: 16%
  • Age 30 and below: 22%

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We are the key to making the first impression.